Sunday, May 29, 2011

Panic must be the worst feeling

Abigail recently figured out how to unlock the front door. So naturally I thought I would add another lock much higher on the door that she couldn't reach. The problem is, the door is hollow so the screw won't catch and the panel that the other piece of the lock needs to be screwed into is metal. So, that plan did not work. We did a temporary fix: we put a 55 lb weight in front of the door so she couldn't get out. Well, while Mom was cooking dinner I noticed that Abby was being quiet. Too quiet! I don't know how but she had moved the weight and gotten outside. I panicked. We have a pool (with a fence around it) and many many many acres of forest behind us with a pond. The dangers to her were unlimited. I panicked running down the street calling her name. What a terrible feeling! Finally in the backyard I hear a "No". It was her! She had crawled all the way under our very large deck and was playing in the mud. I have never felt so happy hearing someone tell me "no" in my life. So now we have 110 lbs. in front of the door.
I wish we could sell our house and have a small townhouse built especially to suit Abby's needs full of safety features. But the way the market is, it would ruin us financially to sell and we don't need any more stress in our lives right now.

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