Sunday, May 29, 2011

Missed the Fish

My husband has been craving a fun family outing. We do so few these days because it is difficult to take Abby places. After much persistence, Bryant talked me into taking Abigail and Lincoln to the Baltimore aquarium. We invited Grandpa along for the adventure.
Children with Autism are drawn to water and my Abby is no different. As soon as she saw the bay the meltdown began. It took all of my strength to restrain her from jumping in. Being a Saturday there were onlookers everywhere. Abby was crying; Mom was crying. Grandpa suggested Abby be medicated. Poor Grandpa, the tension was high and I really snapped at him for that suggestion. We took her back to the car and she happily ate snacks and played games on the iPad. Grandpa stayed with Abby in the car and it turned out to be a nice afternoon and we had a date with our seven year old son at the aquarium. It was so crowded that you had to wait in line to view the fish. There was no way Abby could have handled that.
On the positive side, Grandpa experienced what it is like for us so maybe he will be more understanding. Also, I am the type of person that does not like attention brought to myself. Having to deal with so many people staring at me had to have made me a lot stronger. And that I am thankful.

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