Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Taking for granted the simple things

Last night Abby knocked a huge glass serving dish off the counter and it shattered. I had hand washed it and set it on the counter to dry. I cried, not because of the dish but because of the concept of her constantly breaking things on purpose. This sounds so stupid but when I go to other people's houses I feel so envious that they can put things on coffee tables, side tables, consoles, kitchen counters, in baskets, and have floor plants. We can't put anything under 4 feet unless we want it destroyed. There are some simple things that I miss. I am going to try to make an effort to enjoy the simple things that I AM able to enjoy and try not to take things for granted.


Abigail has been doing GREAT during sacrament Meeting. There is the occasional yelling out like during ward conference when the Bishop said we had 230 people in attendance and she yelled out "yay!". But that, Mom and Dad can get over. On Sunday Mom attempted to take Abby into Primary. Our goal: to stay for 4 minutes. We didn't even make it through the door. When we got to Nursery, Abby walked in and socked a little girl in the face. Her mother just happened to be sitting right there and despite my apologizing she did not look very forgiving. This family had not been to church in two months. Sometimes I just wish Abby could wear a shirt or something that said, "Please forgive me for whatever it is I just did, I have Autism."