Sunday, May 29, 2011

I have thought that lately Sacrament meeting has been going well with Abby. She has at least been able to sit through the whole meeting. The thing is, she is four and just starting to talk. She gets so excited when she recognizes something she can label. So, she yells it out. Plus, she doesn't understand the concept of, "Be quiet!" This makes for an irreverent Abby. The combined Sunday School lesson today was on Reverence and my husband who does not get offended easily felt that some of the comments by some of the older people might have been directed at Abby's behavior. (I was in nursery so I wasn't there.) He felt hurt and a bit unwelcome.
From earlier posts you will read that I considered putting Abby in daycare on Sundays. But a good brother in our ward reminded me in his testimony that the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is about families. It is about bringing people unto Christ, even my Abby.


  1. First I wanted to say thank you for sharing your blog! I hope you will feel how much everyone loves and supports you. :) Sacrament is not easy for anyone with kids, my three can be horrible, so I admire you for not giving up and being patient with Abby. When Christ was on the earth he sought out those who were different, like Abby, and I know that He wants her to be at Church. He understands her, even if nobody else does. Hang in there!

  2. Jaime, first I think this blog is wonderful. More importantly, tell Bryant please don't feel unwelcome in any way! We love your whole family! We will always have challenges, but that's what a ward is for, to help and give support to each other! I would much rather hear an innocent outburst by a sweet child that makes me chuckle than a cellphone ringing. While we try our best to teach our children to be reverent in sacrament we certainly can't do it without some trying times.

    Many years ago my oldest son was sitting on my lap quietly eating Cheerios. As we prepared for the sacrament I folded my arms over his on top of the container. Just as the prayer began he shouted "Daddy! You're hurting my pee pee!" Quite embarrassing as the prayer stopped and everyone turned to look at us. Irreverent moments will always happen as long as we have children.