Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who is this child who sits through sacrament meeting and what has she done with my Abbsy?

Well, for the past two Sundays I haven't felt it necessary to run home and extinguish my frustrations by venting on my blog. Abigail was "well behaved for Abigail" two weeks ago and almost darn perfect this past Sunday. It 's a miracle! She must have heard me tell Daddy that January 23rd was a probationary day. If she failed then she would be spending her Sundays at a day care center. She must have remembered Toy Story 3 and imagined her experience would be like the frightening toddlers in the Caterpillar Room. My husband was just released from the Bishopric and he credits the "new" Abby with him being able to sit with us. Shyeah! Guys love to take credit at any opportunity that arises. So, as the new Ward Mission Leader we had investigators sitting w/ us in Sacrament meeting. I was a little on edge with how Abby would react. Abby was noisy and I had to take her out but that was the extent of any difficulties. Right On Little Mama! keep it up!
Then this past Sunday Abby hit the jackpot with all new sticker books and activities in Mom's magic Sunday bag. She was perfect! A lot of members of our ward noticed and complimented her good behavior. There was one humorous time that the whole congregation heard her. The sister sitting in front of us cell phone rang during the sacrament quite loudly. Abby said, "Hello! Hello!" I even saw the Bishop chuckle.
After church my husband was going to be set apart in the Bishop's office. Abby walked in,went over to the Bishop's desk, and in one swipe hit two large glass candy jars off the desk. From that point it was like the slow motion you see in movies as the jars hit the floor and shattered. I am so used to these type of things happening that I wasn't even phased by this. I still though it was a great Sunday for Abby and Mommy.

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