Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just Another Manic Sunday

My Abby and Sunday morning Sacrament Meetings don't mix. So out of Mom's frustration and desperation comes my first blog. I searched the Internet in hopes of connecting with families in similar situations with no luck. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated. Here is a run down of our typical church-going experience. Before leaving home I show Abby a schedule board so she knows just what to expect at church. Next we usually have a melt down in front of the chapel doors. Dad is in the Bishopric so like a spectator at a sporting event he watches from the stand on the edge of his seat. Once we make it to the pew Mom pulls her bag of Magic tricks. Favorite snacks, stickers, markers, the iPad, and small animal figurines that Abs loves. She usually tries to grab the toys of the kids sitting close to us. As the sacrament is passed she usually loudly and excitedly identifies one by one her animal figurines. (It is sad to say but older people usually thow back scowls.) I realize that because my Abby looks like any other kid, they expect her to behave as such. It almost breaks my heart to "shhh" her because we have waited so long for her to speak. She is three and language is coming so slowly. So right after sacrament I usually have to take her out. I try to lure her to the Nursery which has speakers so that I can hear the rest of the meeting but she fights to get away from me and darts down the hall. Occasionally after my class I'll find her escaped from Nursery in the hall. This week was her first in Sunbeams. After about 15 minutes in Primary her teacher took her back to the Nursery. I don't mind her staying in Nursery and not moving up but she doesn't like children littler than her and tends to get a little aggressive towards them. In Primary today she started making her "hissing" sound after the first song because she doesn't like anyone singing but her. Then at the end of the first song she clapped. My six year old was giving a talk and Abby kept interrupting throughout by shouting "amen". She thinks by saying "amen" it will end a talk, prayer, or FHE. The rest of her short experience in Primary she just ran around the room. I was told her teacher left the room for 10 minutes in feeling a bit overwhelmed and Abby escaped from Primary once. Once back in Nursery, my BFF who is The Nursery leader takes good care of my Abby. She has the innocence of a lamb and an unbreakable spirit. Safety is a HUGE concern. I am so afraid that she will get outside alone and get lost or be hit by a car. S.O.S. Send advice soon.

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